Google Wallet by Buck We predict that pretty soon pants will only have one pocket. Another CG paper craft project for the Google. Directed by: BUCK Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson Producers: Emily Rickard, Nick Terzich Coordinators: Kaitlyn Mahoney, Emily Suvanvej Assoc. Creative Director: Kevin Walker Designers: Kevin Walker, Jenny Ko, Trevor Conrad CG Supervisor: Doug Wilkinson CG Artists: Jens Lindgren, John Niehuss, Wing Lee, Alex Dingfelder, Ana Luisa Santos, Joao Rema, Eric Pagtaconan, Brittney Dreher-Metts Animators: Moses Journey, Matt Foley Music & Sound Design: CypherAudio

Evolution of the Bicycle by Visual Artwork A 1 min animation of the bicycle’s evolution, all the way from the wooden horse to the modern racer. The video was made in combination with an application to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2013. Animation : Thallis Vestergaard Music : Flying Home by The Benny Goodman Sextet “A bicycle is a two wheeled, human-powered vehicle, with one wheel behind the other.“ The first track of the bicycle goes back to 1493 where Leonardo da Vinci made a sketch of a very advanced bicycle. This is not proven to be true though. So is there many uncertainties on when and who invented the bicycles improvements along it’s history. 00:05 – 00:12 1790, A Frenchman named Comte Mede de Sivrac says to be the first to attach two wheels in each end of a piece of wood. This creation is referred as “Velocifere” or “Celerifere” 1817, The German Karl Drais von Sauerbronn built the first steerable bicycle, the “Draisine”. He’s particular model is not shown in this animation though. 00:23 – 00:25 1818, In England, Denis Johnson improved the draisine. He’s model, “Dandy Horse” had bigger wheels and was lighter. 00:30 – 00:32 1839, Scottish, Kirkpatrick MacMillan is believed to be the inventor of the first pedal-driven bicycle, inspired by the locomotive. 00:34 – 00:36 1866, Pierre Lallement’s velocipede “The Boneshaker” is one of the first bicycles with pedals attach to the front wheel. He’s fellow landsman Pierre Michau invented a similar model around the same time and it is unclear who really was the first to put pedals on a wheel, although it is quite curtain it’s from France. 00:38-00:39 1869, The Frenchman Eugene Meyer has the credit for inventing the first high-wheeled bicycle, the famous “Penny-Farthing”. English, James Starley did a lot of further improvements on the high-wheelers and in 1870 he invited the “Ariel”. 00:43 – 00:44 1880-85, G. W. Pressey invented the “American Star” bicycle followed with the “Pony Star Bicycle” by William S. Kelley further details are comming 00:46 – 00:47 1879, Harry J. Lawson’s bicyclette 00:49 – 00:50 1891, W. Scantlebury & J.K. Starley 00:51 – 00:52 1885, J.K. Starley “Rover Safety Bicycle” 1890 C. D. Rice

Iconic Houses by Matteo Muci A two-minute animated voyage through some of the most iconic masterpices of modern architecture: Ville Savoye by Le Corbusier, Rietveld Schröder House by Gerrit Rietveld, Farnsworth House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Glass House by Philip Johnson and Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright. Illustration, animation and music by Matteo Muci. Webfolio: Behance: Twitter:

Pink Troubles by Philip Hansen ‘Pink Troubles’ is the story of a lonesome flamingo whose morning routine is disturbed by an unforeseen cosmic event. It started as a quick exercise in rigging and character animation at Parasol Island’s animation department several years ago. What was planned as a quick showreel intro soon grew into a larger effort of a 4minute short film. After this proved to take too long to finish next to our actual projects, we decided to finish a shorter version of the original film - call it Episode 1 if you like! Dino Figuera directed the piece with me being Co-Director / Producer. At or you can see and read a bit more about the project. It all started with Robert Joosten’s amazing first rig: As you can see the flamingo’s design was changed quite a bit since then, especially the face needed to be way more ‘toony’, and eventually Dino Figuera created or altered the rigs of all of the film’s characters, from the three hero characters down to each individual plant. And since we are all nerds at heart: we used Maya for all things modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting and shading. Rendering happened in V-Ray, compositing in Eyeon Fusion. A big *thank you* to all the people in this amazing team, working with you was and continues to be a great honour! Credits: Production Company: Parasol Island Head of Animation: Philip Hansen / Philippe Stalla Director: Dino Figuera Co-Director: Philip Hansen Lead Character Animator: Dino Figuera Head of VFX: Paul Dreisen Concept Art: Charles Bals & Simon Kopp Lead Modeling : Bardia Afchar Modelers: Dino Figuera & Leo Quensel & Khoi Nguyen Texturing: Bardia Afchar & Luca Fiorentini & Wilfried Kaiser Lead Lighting TD : Paul Dreisen Rigging TD: Robert Joosten & Dino Figuera Additional Lighting and Rendering: Bardia Afchar & Kay Poprawe Effects TD: Leo Quensel Compositing: Jonas Uebelin & Gregory Chalenko Grading: Charles Bals & Fabian Grodde Original Music: Jonathan Wulfes Character Voices: Santiago Ziesmer Voice Recording - Hesse Studios Public Relations Manager: Bart Hendrikx

D&AD 2014 Title Sequence by olliezissou Each year our Mill+ team are given the opportunity to work on the titles and slates for the prestigious D&AD awards. With a small team of four, C4D, VRay renderer, After Effects, and a months hard work, here are the fruits of our labour. It was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to work with my mate Douglas Bowden, one of our senior 3D designers, which was just fantastic. Check out his portfolio here: The brief allowed us the freedom to create something really special, using a mixture of dynamics and hand animation. My role was the 3D lead which entailed animation, lighting, and rendering. Updated Audio version. Credits: Design & Animation Studio: Mill+ Executive Producer: Luke Colson Producer: Oana Anghel Design Director: Nils Kloth, Douglas Bowden Senior Art Director: Douglas Bowden 3D Lead: Oliver Harris 3D Artist: Matt Whitewood 2D Artist: Nils Kloth Audio Track: Angell Sound More details here

A rather lovely thing by El Diablo A little story about love & adventure. This project is not the best technical achievement for sure but I´m pretty happy with the final result. I realized that true inspiration comes from great experiences whether are good or not and great experiences are a consequence from things we love. There is a whole universe for you to be discovered and explored. Beautiful music from one of the best and most eclectic 2003 albums “Neveroddoreven” by one of my all time favourites: “I monster” get this album here: This project was done during early 2013 for a school iniciative, this wasn´t or isn´t intended to be commercialized in anyway. Music copyrights belongs to their original owners. TO KOW MORE ABOUT THIS PROJECT CHECK MY WEBSITE:

Warde “Home Is A Quest” Director’s Cut by Reinier Flaes Warde “Home Is A Quest” Director’s Cut Leo Burnett Lebanon gave Onesize the opportunity to debut with character animation. We loved the challenge and the pleasure was all ours! This 60 second fully cg animated commercial was created for warde, the biggest reseller of fabrics in the middle east and Africa and is known for it’s quality and designs world-wide. Leo Burnett challenged us to create a world made of fabrics in which all kinds of animals are on a quest for home. The peaceful story, colorful imagery and enchanting music all together made this film an epic one for us. The custom soundtrack was created by our friends at MassiveMusic Amsterdam. LEO BURNETT Agency : Leo Burnett Chief Creative Officer: Bechara Mouzanar Executive Creative Director: Malek Ghorayeb Creative Director: Areej Mahmoud Copywriter: Samer Zoueihed and Grace Kassab Senior Art Director: Davina Atallah Art Director: Marya Ghazzaoui Account Director: Peter Mouracade Deputy Managing Director: Nada Abi Saleh Account Manager: Grace Zakka Planner: Youmna El Asmar ONESIZE: DIRECTED & PRODUCED BY ONESIZE EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR; KASPER VERWEIJ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: PEPIJN PADBERG ASSOCIATE CREATIVE DIRECTOR: ROGIER HENDRIKS ART DIRECTOR /PRODUCTION DESIGNER: HARM VAN ZON LEAD DESIGNER: REINIER FLAES 3D MODELERS / ANIMATORS: (Special Effects/Computer Graphics) REINIER FLAES, HARM VAN ZON, KASPER VERWEIJ, MARTIJN PAASSCHENS, LINUS LUNDIN, FREDRIK EKHOLM, STAN SMULDERS, CHRIS COOPMANS JOHANNES SANDE, COMPOSITOR: KASPER VERWEIJ STORYBOARDS & ENVIRONMENTAL CONCEPTS: HISKO HULSING MUSIC & MIX : MASSIVEMUSIC SOUNDDESIGN: KAISER SOUND STUDIOS / MASSIVEMUSIC